Will Jimmy Butler Get Traded This Season?

After watching multiple Timberwolves games this season, you can clearly tell that Jimmy Butler wants out of Minnesota. While Butler is on the floor, his effort isn’t there and he doesn’t seem engaged with the offense at times. The Timberwolves record is currently 4-8 and they haven’t won a single game on the road (0-7).

Every week throughout the NBA realm, one of the many questions comes up, “Will Jimmy Butler get traded this season?”

A week before the NBA season, it was made public that Butler wanted to be traded to either a team in Los Angeles or New York. Butler has already missed three (3) games so far due to “general soreness” but many believe he’s trying to sit out so Minnesota will trade him.

It’s unclear whether a team will trade for Butler before the trade deadline on February 8th. I don’t believe a team will trade for Butler, unless they can reassurance that he will sign an extension with them.

Butler is currently averaging 22.2 points a game while shooting 49% from the field.

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