Lebron James’ Expectations In His 1st Season With Lakers

Ever since Lebron James made his decision to sign with the Los Angeles Lakers, speculation began on how many games they would win next season.

In an interview with ESPN, James said this:

“What my expectations are for the team, we don’t have any right now. But we definitely are going to be better than we were the previous year. You guys know me. When it comes to championship habits, that doesn’t mean you’re bringing a championship. That means you practice excellence every day. I expect that from not only myself but from my teammates.”

The Lakers finished last season 35-47 and ended up as the eleventh seed in the Western Conference standings. Last year was Lakers biggest win total for the Lakers since 2012-13. The team is moving in the right direction, especially with having some great off-season acquisitions.

In my opinion, I feel that this team with many veteran players and young talent can exceed expectations and win 50 games.

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